Being born in the United States of America was a lucky opportunity for a lot of us. We are rewarded with a lot of freedoms that are easy to take for granted. A few times a year, we are reminded about these very freedoms by the celebration of holidays - Memorial Day and Independence Day. While a little company like ours doesn’t mean a lot in the grand scheme of things, we know that we also stand for the freedom of this country and those who fought to allow us to start our own business.

So these red, white and blue products are far more significant to us than just another part number on our website. We hope that when you run them on your bike, you look down at your grips and pad with a new pride of where you live and why you ride.



Show your patriotic pride by running these colors that won’t bleed.


  • Bar Pad for 118 Handlebars

  • 50/50 Grips - One side Red, one side Blue

  • Grip Donuts - One side Red, one side Blue

  • Freedom to ride anytime, anywhere