What they are saying about us.

Hey, we get it. You discover this new handlebar and grip company in the world and you are wondering if the product is even any good. We don’t blame you in the least. If you are going to plunk down your hard-earned cash for new bars and grips, you want to know they are up for the task. Last thing you want is to short a double and the bars wrap around your radiators.

Below are some comments we have received from customers and wanted to share. We are so stoked to hear it when people love their stuff. It’s not for ego reasons. We just want to know people are happy with their purchase.

Bro, the tall bend is so sweet! I ran the 90 today. I feel so much more comfortable. Sick.
— Nathan Racine / @racine104
I rode with them this morning and they are absolutely killer. Been using Pro Tapers for years and I’ve never had a bar this comfortable. Especially in the rocks.
— Tyler Gandolfo / @gando_411
Deagan absolutely loves these bars and so do I. Been having trouble keeping those elbows up in the correct position. This seemed to fix or help with that.
— Marty Garber / @garbermarty
Bars are sweet, never had a bar with a 57mm sweep. Feels amazing. Definitely a lot more comfortable than other bars I’ve used.
— Dan Gardner / @dangardner96
Loved the feel of the bars. I’m ready to add them to my site.
— Brad Roberts / @beradmoto
I have to say I have never received anything for a motorcycle that had cool ass packaging.
— Damon Bradshaw / The Beast from the East